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  • So ..... what's this No Mints Adventure thing? We are a middle/old aged retired couple with a lot of time on our hands with a yearning to get out, stay active, and share our experiences with our friends and others. We started doing this about 20 years ago, initially starting with some friends and some strangers. The strangers usually, not always, became friends and as a consequence most of our trips are filled with people we know from previous trips. We get the occassional "newbie" who has a quick "click" finger on our "Contact Page". Our names are Wayne and Margy.


  • What kind of trips ? Mostly cycling, but a fair amount of sea kayaking and hiking trips to add some variety. These soft adventures can range from pretty hard affairs where everyone camps and prepares their own food to almost semi luxury trips where everyone has a bed and maybe even food prepared for them ..... although, certainly no meals by us. The cycling trips usually have a sag wagon along, but not always as we are gravitating to staying in one or two locales where vehicle support isn't needed. The hiking trips can require personal vehicles, public transportation, or van rental. The kayak trips have no vehicle support, other than perhaps each person's own. Each trip is different, so you need to study the trip description to get an idea of what is offered and what is expected of you.


  • Where do we go ? About half our trips are here in the good ole USA, and almost all of those are located on the West Coast ranging from Baja to Alaska. Most of these trips require participants to have a vehicle to get to remote locations, although some places are reachable by public transport. Our foreign trips go mostly to Europe and New Zealand/Australia. Maybe in the future, we'll expand our horizons a bit.
  • Who can come on these trips ? Hah! ..... not just anybody. This is where the "No Mints" in our name comes in. We really like and expect people to be pretty well able to take care of themselves on a trip without a lot of hand holding from us. We do our best to plan good trips, but sometimes thing go awry and we want our companions to be a bit unflappable and forgiving in such situations. Everyone must be in decent physical shape and be qualified to participate with us. You don't have to be in great shape, just good. After all, most of us range in age from 50 to 70+. If you have some doubts about your qualifying for a trip, you can always ask us what we think?


  • Are we qualified to lead these trips ? We don't really lead trips, we are more organizers. As such we kind of expect you to be able to participate without the need of a lot of leadership ! But, to answer the question ...... probably not. Between Margy and I, we've done a ton of cycling, kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing. Margy has some formal training from her fire fighting days, but Wayne is sadly lacking in any formal training what-so-ever. If this lack of training or certification bothers you, there are a lot of commercial companies and clubs that would probably be a better fit.


  • How much money do we charge ? Hmmmmm ...... the range can be between $ 0 to $100+ per day, depending on the trip. We like to get our own expenses paid for by others, but that is not always the case. Again, check out the trip description.



  • What now ? Check out the Trip List and descriptions, and if you see something you like, go to our Contact Page or give us a call !


Take Care ! ....... Wayne and Margy

Wayne and Margy

Wayne Martin & Margy Marshall

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